6 walks around Matlock from our door

Posted January 17, 2023

Best walks around Matlock

There are plenty of stunning walks around Matlock directly from the door at Sheriff Lodge. So if you want to leave the car in the private car park and walk, then here are 6 of my favourite:

1. Sheriff Lodge to Derwent Meadows

This is almost my daily walk with Red. It is a pretty walk in any season, you meander along the Derwent River on a particularly pretty part. The other side of the river is a pretty little village called Oker and you can make this walk much longer by taking the path the other side and over to Oker and Darley Bridge, however the description below is Darley Dale side and an easy walk.

Out of the Lodge, turn left then after the neighbour’s garden turn left again to a tarmacked footpath – carry on down this path, over two roads and playing fields on your right. Carry on past the leisure centre and the Premier Lodge (boo).

When you reach the A6 turn right and over the road at the crossing, you can see the railway crossing in front of you. Go over the railway and turn right for a little way along the Heritage Cycle Route. After about 50m you’ll see some steps down to a small gate. Go through the gate and you can walk around the field along the river. There are little beachy areas for the dogs to play in and its not deep although fast. Carry on around the fields until you reach another style – you can either carry on to the next set of fields or come back parallel to the cycle route and back to the first style and then back up the path to the Lodge

Or to extend the walk – at the crossing, carry on next to the railway line towards the town and follow the path over an iron bridge, turn right and down the steps. Turn right and along the path which will bring you into the town by the road bridge and Dale Road.

2. Sheriff Lodge to High Tor, Pic Tor and War Memorial

This walk is through the town and through the park – taking in the three of the very pretty, green spaces that Matlock has to offer.  The sound of the river as you walk along the elevated path is peaceful and tranquil.

Out of the Lodge, turn right down Dimple Road to the bottom of the hill and into the town. At the level crossing just by Holland & Barrett cross over at the road bridge go into Hall Leys Park.

knowlestonCarry on past the bandstand and children’s park and boating lake. At the end you will come to a little bridge in Knowleston Gardens. Over the bridge and turn right, with the river on your right. Dogs can go off lead here. Follow the path pass the climbing area of Pic Tor, under the railway bridge through the sitting area and turn left under a small tunnel. Start the incline to a gate on your right. Through the gate carry on up the path. Take care as there is a drop on the right. Carry on up to the top of the hill, this is High Tor. There are plenty of vista points protected by railings.

You can carry on over the tor or come back and when through the gate at High Tor turn left. The path widens go left up to the War Memorial. It’s worth the climb as the memorial is quite spectacular.

As you come back down the way you went up, take the right fork in the path and you will see the railway on your left. Carry on down the path to the river and go right.
Back into Knowleston Gardens and into Hall Leys park and over the road back up Dimple Road

DISTANT: 3.8 miles

3. Sheriff Lodge to Matlock Bath, High Tor, Pic Tor

This is another of our faves – over to Matlock Bath through Masson Woods, under the Heights of Abraham and back over High Tor. Masson Woods is full of moss and lichen covered boulders left when the quarry was deserted and in the Spring its full of wild garlic so looks and smells divine.

Out of the Lodge, turn right down Dimple Road to the bottom of the hill and into the town. At the level crossing just by Holland & Barrett cross over at the road bridge go into Hall Leys Park.

Carry on past the bandstand and children’s park and boating lake. At the end you will come to a little bridge in Knowleston Gardens. Over the bridge and turn right, with the river on your right. Dogs can go off lead here. Follow the path pass the climbing area of Pic Tor, under the railway bridge through the sitting area and turn right over the footbridge. Cross over the road and left on the other side of the road. After a few yards turn right up St John’s Road. You will pass St Johns Chapel.

Carry on up the road and get to the end and follow the signs for Masson Farm. Just before you get to a gate take a small path on the left.

This will take you into the woods on a narrow path. Carry along here, under the Heights of Abraham and start descending. At the end of the path turn left and follow the road. This is a path which will take you to the bottom of the hill and out on to Matlock Bath.

Crossover the road and head for the Heights of Abraham and railway car park. Follow the signs for the entrance to High Tor, its rather elaborate for a hill walk.
Carry on up to the top of High Tor. Take great care, there is a sheer drop on your left.

At the top of High Tor and Riber on your right start your descent along the path.
At the end of the pathway, through a gate turn left. Under the archway turn right with the river on your left and back through Knowleston Gardens, Hall Leys and up the hill

4. Sheriff Lodge to Lumsdale Falls

Lumsdale Falls are a stunning place to visit – a good walk from Sheriff Lodge, taking in the old miner’s lanes, Presentation Sister’s convent and Lumsdale Valley. The cotton mill buildings are still there to be seen and the mill ponds are so still and serene. The wooded area above the falls is full of craters and dips and small edges and stepping stones across the stream. It’s a superb walk.

Out of the Lodge, turn left and bear right up Dimple Road

Bear right into Smedley Street – pass All Saints Church, Subaru Garage and then on the right the Council Office which was the original Smedley Spa and Grand Hotel.

Cross over Bank Road into Smedley Street East, past Newsroom (pub) and garage on the left.

After 42 Smedley Road East you will see a Public Footpath – turn left up the path and carry on to the end of it, past Wellford House and Wellford Cottage.

When you get to the end of the path turn right and down the narrow path by Well Field Allotments – lovely views and Riber.

lumsdale fallsYou come out at Chesterfield Road, cross straight over the road to the footpath ahead of you and keep the new houses on your left. Follow the path and road around by the Presentation Sisters Convent and carry on down the path, over the road and straight up to the gate. Bear left where it splits in two at the bollards.

At the second set of bollards, turn right and then left almost straightaway at Wishingstone Cottage. Carry on up the path and through two sets of bollards.

At the stone path you will hear the falls, carry on downhill to a little road (if you have a dog with you be careful here as the cars go too fast down this little road). Turn right at the road and then almost immediately left up to the stack.

When to get to the stack you can either go left and up and around the mill ponds and woods or right to the falls and down to town.

If you go left:

Get to the mill ponds and straight ahead to the little hamlet. Just after the second mill pond and a notice board on the left, bear right and over the stepping stones up the hill to the woods. There are various paths in the woods but if you take the first one right its fairly straight forward. Carry on, on the lower path until you get to a stone farm track.

At the track you can either turn left and go to Tansley or right back to the falls.

Back down the farm track and back to the mill ponds, left to the stack and falls.

If you go right:

Down the falls steps to the bleaching house and cotton mill. You have to walk along the road a bit so be careful here. You will see a green path sign to Hurst Farm, Matlock. Take this path around the Matlock Ford factory.

Follow this path until you get to a four way crossways. Left to Hurst Farm Estate, straight on to Town, left to Tansley Cliff.

If you want to come back to Sheriff Lodge – take the left up to Hurst Farm Estate and stay on the path – you will come out on Lime Grove. Look out for the John Bowne stone. Turn right up the hill and back to Smedley Street East by Lilybank. Back along Smedley Street and down Dimple Road.

4.6 miles

5. Sheriff Lodge to Lady Grove Woods

This walk I love, although it can get a bit slippery. Again, this is an old quarry and a popular climbing area. The waterfalls are aplenty and you can hear them throughout the walk. The reservoirs at the bottom of the woods are deep but tranquil. The whole area is a wonder and so peaceful. If I’ve got a bit more time this is a splendid walk but make sure you have good shoes on.

Out of the Lodge, turn left then and up the hill on Hurd’s Hollow. When you get to the T junction turn right and then left up Farley Hill. This bit is quite steep and there is a bench about half way up with a beautiful view. Carry on up the hill towards Ameycroft Farm – the road flattens out a bit here so it’s not so hard !! Take Ameycroft Lane on the left.

Carry on along the path until you meet up with Greenaway Lane, turn right and carry on until you get to a triangle and Holt Road on the right. Take this until you reach the entrance to the woods. You can either go right or left here as you are now in Lady Grove Woods. I go right and then do a big loop. The path is very obvious and you descend to the reservoir at the bottom, this is part of the village of Two Dales.

After the reservoirs take the steep path on the left (not through the gate or over the stream) at the top of this when you get to the pretty little house turn right along a path – again beautiful views towards Oker and Darley Dale on your right. You are now back on Holt Road. Carry on until the triangle again and go left and stay on Greenaway, which then becomes Upper Hackney and you will come out further down the hill than you went up ! Turn right when you get to Farley Hill, right at Smedley Street and left at Hurd’s Hollow and back down the hill to Sheriff Lodge.
4 miles

6. Sheriff Lodge to Farley Woods

There are lots of different paths to take in Farley Woods – most of them lead back to the hard standing. You may be lucky enough to see some deer up there – we have four times so far! There are also different areas to Farley, moorland, woods, swamps, pine glades and wide paths, Jo Cox Way, lots of different fungi and something all year round. It all depends on how much time you have !

Out of the Lodge turn left and then almost immediately turn up the hill on Dimple Road, so before the triangle and by the post box. Carry on up the hill past the junior school – All Saints on your right. Keep going on Dimple Road until you get to the most complicated junction but effectively you want to cross over the road and go up Far Hill.

farley woodsAs you get to the top you’ll see a large building (now flats) directly in front of you and a path going alongside it – this is very steep but short and sweet !! At the top you get to a little play area and pop out a Bent Road. Go left here and follow the road around. You will see Cavendish Fields on your left which is a great flat area to run doggy and a big expanse of fields, if not, carry on past the fields to a farm track straight in front of you. Carry on walking up the track and when you get to the gate at the end bare right into a wooded area with fields either side of you. Carry on up the hill – whichever path you take you will get to a stone wall. Go left at the stone wall and through old stone gate posts. You are now in Farley Woods.

There are plenty of pathways and directions to take here but a good walk is left after the gateposts and through the woods on a well worn path until you get to hard standing which is a path to a dead end if you turn right. Again many routes through the woods but if you turn right on the hard standing and go to the dead end – just before it you will see a stone wall with a path down the side of it. Take this path and you will come back to the original gate posts, following the path back down the hill, farm track, Bent Lane etc and back down the hill to Sheriff Lodge.
3.5 miles

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