10 interesting and Fun Things to do Around Matlock

Posted December 6, 2023

10 interesting and fun things to do around Matlock

In the years I have been at Sheriff Lodge I have discovered these places to visit. I believe if you haven’t visited this area before these will give you an excellent taster for the interesting and beautiful Peak District. These are all within easy distance of Sheriff Lodge.

1. Chatsworth House 

This palladium style stately home has been in the Devonshire family for sixteen generations spanning five centuries and is the seat of the Duke of Devonshire. The house is renowned for its stunning architecture, extensive art collection and beautiful gardens. Just 6 miles from Sheriff Lodge and discounted tickets are offered to guests between April and October. Guests can easily spend the whole day taking in the extensive grounds which are beautifully kept and the house which is full of interesting artifacts and well informed guides.

2. Haddon Hall

Another impressive stately home located near to Bakewell, and has been in the Manners family for over 900 years. The house is one of the finest examples of a medieval manor house dating back to the 12th century and known for its well-preserved medieval and Tudor architecture. It has been used in many films and TV series due to its authentic historical atmosphere. These include the recent Billions, Henry V and Jude Law’s Firebrand. Guests of Sheriff Lodge are offered a discounted entry to the romantic Haddon Hall.

3. Crich Tramway Village

Also known as the National Tramway Museum, this is a popular open-air museum in Crich, just 8 miles from Sheriff Lodge. The museum is dedicated to the history of trams with vintage trams from various eras which visitors are invited to travel on through the recreated village, with its own sweetie shop, tea room and pub. A visit to Crich Tramway Village makes an educational and nostalgic experience and fun day out. Guests of Sheriff Lodge are offered a discounted entrance fee.

4. Heights of Abraham

The Heights is another popular attraction in the Derbyshire Dales, based in Matlock Bath, a mile and a half from Sheriff Lodge. It is famous for its cable cars spanning the River Derwent and the A6, to the top of Masson Hill. The name ‘Heights of Abraham’ was inspired by the area of the same name in the Canadian Rockies. Visitors can enjoy a network of caverns and insights into the geological history of the area. Popular with those seeking natural beauty and outdoor exploration. Guests of Sheriff Lodge are offered discount tickets.

5. Cromford Mills

Cromford Mills is the birth place of the modern factory system and was established by Sir Richard Arkwright. This 18th Century texture mill, located in Cromford, 4 miles from Sheriff Lodge, has been an historic site since 1771. Arkwright’s use of water-powered spinning machinery and a factory system with a division of labour marked a major advancement in the Industrial Revolution. Cromford Mill is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Derwent Valley Mills. The innovative holograms make this an interesting and immersive exhibition.

6. Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall is a remarkable Elizabethan-era country house surrounded by stunning parkland and views. It was built in the late 16th century by Bess of Hardwick, the first Lady Chatsworth. Bess was one of the most powerful and wealthiest woman of her time. The house is renowned for its stunning architecture, which includes large windows, that were not known in this era, and its use of glass, giving to its nickname ‘Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall’. The hall has impressive tapestries and jute carpets. This is now under the care of National Trust.

7. White Peak Distillery

White Peak Distillery, located on the Derwent River and below Shining Cliff Woods, is a craft distillery in Ambergate. It is known for producing high quality spirits, including whiskey and gin. The distillery was established with the goal of reviving the traditional production in the Derbyshire region, which has a rich history of distilling and the working river. Tours and tastings can be booked and visitors can learn about the distillation process.

8. Great British Car Journey

This is a car museum in Ambergate which only opened in May 2021. It takes you through a nostalgic journey of the golden ages of British car design. From 1922 and the Austin Seven to present day. Walking around this exhibition you hear; “My Grandad had one of those” or “That was my first car” or “I learnt to drive in one of those”. I have to admit to all of those comments.

9. Bakewell

The historic town of Bakewell, just six miles from Sheriff Lodge and very popular with guests, is of course known for its Bakewell Tart and Pudding. You have to go there and sample the goods to know the difference, both are delicious and nothing like Mr Kipling’s. However the pudding was created first! Situated on the River Wye and enjoying an enviable park area next to the duck pond, Bakewell is a must visit although always very busy. The lovelock bridge is a sight to behold, as are the enormous river trout. There is a traditional outdoor market every Monday and plenty of annual events.

10. Eyam

This village just 12 miles from Sheriff Lodge is a very humbling experience. It is known for its significant role in the history of the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death, in 1665-1666. The villagers decided to quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the disease to neighbouring areas. This self-imposed isolation helped to limit the outbreak’s reach and saved many lives, but also took many lives in the village. The village has a museum and you can walk around the village and see the plaques outside the cottages where whole families were devastated, or walk out to the boundary stone where you can see the holes for the vinegar where neighbouring villagers would bring food and clothes and the people of Eyam would leave the coins in the vinegar. Eyam is high so views from the stone are far reaching.

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